Campeur Frédéric: Your Go-To for Slide-In Campers in Quebec

Campeur Frédéric has positioned itself since 1997 as the go-to reference in Quebec for slide-in campers. As renowned specialists, we guide you in selecting the perfect slide-in camper, tailored to your needs and nomadic lifestyle.

The Versatility of Slide-In Campers

Choose economy, practicality, comfort, and ease with slide-in campers, a favored option among hundreds of Quebec families and vacationers. Our extensive selection of models, new or used, from brands like Artic Fox, Bigfoot, Le Bohémien, and many others, caters to all budgets and requirements. Featuring various finishes and layouts, our slide-in campers provide comfortable accommodation for your forest getaways, camping trips, and all outdoor adventures.

Mobility and User-Friendliness

The compactness of slide-in campers offers unparalleled mobility, requiring less expertise from the driver compared to other recreational vehicles. The ease of detachment of the camping unit allows complete freedom once set up at your campsite. At Campeur Frédéric, our expertise as retailers and manufacturers of RVs enables us to confidently guide you towards acquiring the slide-in camper perfectly suited to your needs.

Find the Perfect Used Slide-In Camper for You

Whether it's a new or used slide-in camper, Campeur Frédéric offers a transparent and personalized buying experience. Explore our inventory to discover the used slide-in camper that meets your expectations and budget. With our commitment of over two decades in the world of slide-in campers in Quebec, we provide attentive service and tailored solutions at every stage of your camping project.

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