The Truck Camper Specialist

The truck camper is a popular option among vacationers in Quebec. Trust the Campeur Frédéric experts to choose the vehicle that’s most suitable to your needs!

Get ready for an adventure

Convenient, comfortable, affordable and easy to operate, it is no wonder that the truck camper is chosen by hundreds of Quebec families and vacationers! Campeur Frédéric is the camper reference in Quebec. We offer a wide selection of new or pre-owned models for this type of camper. Our Artic Fox, Bigfoot and Le Bohémien brand truck campers fit every budget and every need. Available in a wide variety of finishes and furnishings, our truck campers are designed with comfort in mind, for a getaway into the woods, camping trips and other outings.

Unrivalled mobility

Because of its compact size, the camper can be moved more easily than other RVs, and requires less experience from drivers. The camping unit can be easily detached once your caravan is installed on your camping lot. This allows you to use your vehicle freely for short distances. Since 1997, we at Campeur Frédéric specialize in truck campers. As an RV manufacturer and retailer, we’re able to help you buy the vehicle of your dreams, and that meets all your needs!

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